Tour Dates & Menu

Next Tour: Sunday, August 20th “World Tour Bites and Sweets”

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Available Start Times: 4p while spaces last

Meet your guide at Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall & Studios
2608 – 6th Ave (between Fife & Oakes streets) – click on venue name for directions & location

Stop 1: Gateway to India
Shabji Pakoras (vegetable fritters) – assorted vegetables dipped in mildly spiced chickpea batter & deep fried for your dipping pleasure.
Paneer Pakoras (homemade cheese fritters) – mildly spiced Panner pieces dipped in a chickpea batter & deep fried for your dipping pleasure.
Garlic Naan – Leavened wheat bread with fresh garlic baked in the Tandoor.

Stop 2: Half Pint
Slice of Jalapeno Popper Pie
Pizza dough topped with cream cheese layered with sliced jalapenos, bacon & provolone cheese.
Vegi option: no bacon (let us know ahead of time)

Stop 3: Ice Cream Social
Scoop of your choice of their fabulous locally created craft ice cream. Popularity growing by leaps & bounds with worth-the-wait lines out the door – you can find ICS on 6th Ave and now at Point Ruston as well!

Stop 3: Gateway to India
Chawal ki Kheer (Rice Pudding)
Rice pudding with caramom pods and topped with almond slices.

Stop 4: Studio 6 Ballroom Event Hall & Studios
Menu: Live Argentinian Tango / Blues Fusion World Tour of “Blue Tango Project

We encourage you to finish the night off re-visiting your favorite venue of the night!